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FOR the past 30 plus years I have witnessed a complete evolution in the wig industry, in regards to the types of wigs that we use today for patients experiencing chemo induced Alopecia. we call them WIGS FOR CANCER PATIENTS. this particular wigs are built very different than other wigs.

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Wigs For Cancer Patients

Cancer patients experience a very different type of hair loss than people experiencing natural hair loss.

The chemo induced hair loss occurs very fast, and is very aggressive .

For the majority of the patients it starts during the second round of chemo.

I was told my many patients that their scalp was very tender and sore.

I have seen their scalp very red, shiny, and their follicular glands swollen.

This symptoms are very uncomfortable with out having their heads covered. I can only imagine them covering their scalp with a type of wig that is heavy, and with a rough base material.

Like I had just mentioned in the beginning of this article Wigs for cancer patients are built very different. We as experts in the hair loss industry, have joined forces with the wig manufactures and developed a special wig design for cancer patients.

A wig for cancer patient needed to be very light in weight, have a very soft base, very durable , natural looking, easy to manage, heat resistant for easy styling and protection from steam or heat from a conventional oven.

This are beautiful hand tied wigs, super light weight, made of very high quality fibers, heat resistant hair blends, with a magnificent base construction. This new types of wig provides the cancer patient client, peace of mind, beauty and durability second to none.

We carry this wig in our Gallery. For more Information about this wonderful chemo wigs please contact us for a no cost personal evaluation.

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